Information Technology
1. Central NCD Database
The objective of the Central NCD Database is to ensure the NCD confirmation practice is more efficient by providing a database system for information sharing on NCD status among insurers and takaful operators. At the same time, it is also intended to reduce opportunity for fraud and premium leakages. With the mentioned database in place, insurers and takaful operators have the opportunity to go paperless for the NCD confirmation process.
2. Takaful Agency System
The system which was developed for the Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA) that allows:
  • Registration, renewal & termination of Family and General Takaful agents
  • Enquiry on status of agents
  • Manage referred & exempted agents
  • Update Takaful Basic Examination (TBE) results.
3. Circular Distribution System
In the Insurance and Takaful industry, the Circular Distribution System (CDS) is used by the respective associations to disseminate information electronically to their members at the click of a button. The system which simplifies the process of mass emailing, allows the sender to notify all the recipients instantaneously. A notification is sent to the recipient who is then directed to the Circular Distribution System (CDS) to download the particular circular. This eliminates the occurrence of circulars being classified as spam and rejected due to large file size.

Members & Affiliates

Our members consists of stakeholders within the insurance industry in Malaysia. They consist of insurance companies, takaful operators, reinsurers and retakafuls. Click on the button below to view our registered members.