Anti- Bribery & Corruption

Anti- Bribery & Corruption

Anti-Bribery & Corruption Statement

ISM Insurance Services Malaysia Berhad (“ISM”) has a strict zero-tolerance policy against bribery and corruption and is committed to ensuring our business operations are conducted with the highest ethical standards, integrity, transparency and accountability.

ISM prohibits all forms of bribery and corruption in its business dealings, whether they take place directly or indirectly. All associated persons to the company; directors, employees, suppliers and or business partners (“Associated Persons“) shall not offer or accept anything of value to improperly influence any act, decision, transaction or obtain an advantage on behalf of ISM. Your continued engagement with us shall signify your acceptance and acknowledgment of your cooperation in complying with the ABC Policy in undertaking performance of any service for, or on behalf of ISM.

Violation to relevant provisions and regulations will not be tolerated and will be penalised, including through disciplinary action, termination of contract and in certain circumstances, assisting legal enforcement agencies and appropriate authorities in any resulting prosecution.

Salient principles and standards of ISM’s ABC Policy are:

  • ISM has implemented a strict no gift policy.
  • All Associated Persons should avoid situations in which personal interest could conflict with their professional obligations or duties and must not use their position, official working hours, Company’s resources and assets, or information available to them for personal gain or to the Company’s disadvantage.
  • The receiving of entertainment and hospitality is allowed so long as it is not of a luxurious value and not seen as an inducement in exchange for some future advantage or benefit, or reward for services rendered or to be rendered.
  • Charitable contributions made on behalf of the Company should be made to a recognised and approved organisation, in good faith, transparent and without bribery and corrupt intent.
  • No political contributions and activities are allowed to be made on behalf of the Company.


The prevention of corruption and bribery is everyone’s responsibility! Hence should you feel that there may be any concerns or violations of the above, please do not hesitate to raise your concerns relating to any of the violations set out above to